Monday, 19 April 2010

These days..

Damn it.. These days, passing by, wasting time, I just don't have the mood to pick up my History book to study! Exam is about to come and I am just about to fail my test, again! And I still don't know and not sure of if I should change into sub science or not! But the prob is also Pengetua allowes.

I hope she does! If she does will I really focus on the subject fully or not! I can't freaking decide! I'm about to have wrinkles soon if I keep thinking of changing classes every time!

*Listening to Club Hitz non stop music*

Anyways, should I stick to my class and bare all those bitches or just change class! And these days I have been getting closer to my classmate, Joker =D I wonder if I change class, will he come along and will Josh and Miow mind? Well I have time to think if I want to switch classes or stay in my class. If I do, I gotta bare with those bitches. If I change it'll be like more fun and like WOO~HOO!!! No lala's.. 

Joker is gonna come, if Miow and the gang does not like it then I'll stick to my class! Hopefully they will approve of it. I hardly doubt it. After what happened with Mr. Cat and him, they just totally ignored each other like both doesn't exist at all.

I will talk to them tomorrow and see the result on both reactions. This is all for now!
Tomorrow we'll know what will happen. That's all. Ciao.

Saturday, 27 March 2010


It has been a while since I last blogged. This year happened to be the start of a new life. Trying to get along with it, well... this is my future. Gotta work harder! I took an extra sub, weird part is, it's add maths. Tonnes of them are like regretting on taking it but on the other hand, all of the people, me, ready to accept the challenge. What a laugh.. Haha

It just so happens this year, 2010 is a moody year. Just never around of to blog. Got some messed up problems. Looks like I blew off my chance for this year in entering school team, but I had a great time playing on thursday, till that f*cking guy had to piss me off. Just when my mood was getting along well, then you came along and ruined it. The next time you get on my nerves again, you're gonna get it hard! Get that in your head. Don't you dare show your temper on the court. Just because the Form 5's wasn't playing at their best, it does not give the right to show your temper. I'll freaking f*ck you off, you freaking asshole! Anyways it was 2 days ago. What's done is done. to be in the school team, is rather unfair. Instead of choosing the best player they choose friends. Form 5's are losers! No offense but seriously they sucked playing against us on the that day.

*listening to 'get in line' by Kesha.*

Wait before I go. Watch this!

That's about it. Times up. Ciao.

Monday, 21 December 2009

*Grounded* NOT!

It was just going out with my friends. But I didn't leave a note saying I was coming back late or where I was going, and passed my curfew. It was my fault for not letting them know my whereabouts. I just wanted to get back, join the youth and catch up with what's been going on. There are good news but no bad. I like good, and it should always stay good and no bad. My parents aren't mad anymore and I'm not grounded. And I'm waiting for the next Sunday service. I had loads of fun yesterday, one of the best days ever. I think this is all I can say. Until the next time. Ciao. =)   

Friday, 20 November 2009


DARN IT!!! I can't sleep. I slept at 9p.m and woke up at 10:50p.m. It so happens that I have a sore throat. This is bad. Just because of 1-3 sneezes and I gotten a sore throat. Before that I was texting my friend, Shermane. After that I dozed off to catch my 40 winks. I twisted and turn but no use, I can't get to sleep. So I went down stairs, went online, on my facebook, and started blogging about this nonsense. Luckily I had a friend to tell.

Must get Strepsils. Must get better. My friend Khai Po is coming tomorrow. HAHA!!! I should have gotten better by then. Oh well, I have nothing else to blog about, so this is where I stop. Must remember to drink lots of water and watch new videos of PETER CHAO! : ) Ciao.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Owl City!

The Saltwater Room by Owl City.
Some random stuff I heard from my friend.
He got it from MTV.
Enjoy.  : )

This isn't the MV but you can go to youtube and find it.
It's not bad, nice. The rhythm is good.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Love Like This - SS501

This is SS501's "Love Like This" Music Video.
This is their Live Performance.

Butterfly Fly Away

Miley Cyrus singing alone. Enjoy... Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus sings Butterfly fly away.

Saturday, 31 October 2009

A Month Till Death Comes!!!

You probably think I'm about to die but no. It's my PMR results. Starting to feel nervous for what I'm about to get. Hopefully it would be enough to get a new cell phone. Mine is a total 'retard' phone that even I sold it for a buck no one would wanna buy it. Sad huh? Can you imagine how terrible that phone is? But I have gotten used to it. Now hoping my mom will understand how much i need a new and better phone. Without one I don't know how am I to contact them, especially my friends. Although I'm not the most outrages guy and the a famous one in the world but friends do contact me everyday. Hope that one day my loving parents would understand. My only hope is to get a result that is enough to prove that i deserve to get a phone that has a wi-fi, 3G, able to listen to music, send mails and other stuff that teenagers normally do; not that stuff but stuff. Haha... That's about it, the only thing I should gabble about. The rest remains silent. HAHA!!! Oh well until the next time. Ciao. :)

Friday, 23 October 2009

B2ST-Bad Girl MV

Damn it. This korean group is really good. I love their dance step. It's really cool.
Hmm... Oh well. Enjoy it.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

PMR over!!!

Oh yeah. This is what I want most. PMR to be over. Now I get to go and play basketball literally every day. Now I can just relax and chill, playing b-ball with my pals, Josean, Eugene, and Vignes. 
Alright, let's see... I came back from school. Obviously it was boring. But I had to go to school to throw back all my form 3 books back at the teachers. 
Car came and I entered. Started talking and I told them I paid this darn teacher who made me pay the books that I, apparently, "lost". It was like thunder and lightning in the car cause my parents were yelling at me. Oh well it's like one of the most common things now. I really hate that teacher. She's just some money faced pig. Her eyes go "$" when she sees cash. 
But now I found those 2 books and I'm gonna return it back to her. Throw it at her face! F*** you Bitch!!! HAHA!!! Hope she doesn't read my blog or I'll be screwed. Ciao for now. Need to go to bed. Tomorrow I have school. Good night.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Random Video

This video is not so nice to other people. But i really like this video. It's just really good for popping. The way the beat and the techno goes it's really good. Enjoy this video. If it wasn't for my nephew Eugene Eng, I wouldn't have found this song. Thanks man. You are finally in use for me. Joking. You better bring me to M.A.B.A training after PMR. That has to be your promise. Well I think this is about it. I must take my nap. So good night. Ciao.

Hearbreaker by G-Dragon

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Cool stuff***

This is just so cool. Everyone please take a look at this video. I guarantee this college group is gonna be the next Michael Jackson. Huh! the beat boxing guy is the best. The way he does it just adds in the timing. Best part is they all look like the same. Hmm... Thanks to my sister i was able to find this video. Enjoy.

Saturday, 26 September 2009


Typical DeJa Vu song.
By SS501.
Kim Hyun Joong is so cool~! 
Time to wave our hands and say Bye Bye
A welcome for SS501.

Another DBSK's song

Flower Lady by DBSK!!!
Caroon version
Sorry the mv is not out yet.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


OH MY GOSH!!! PMR is coming. Just another 3 weeks. Oh yeah. Well hurry up and end. I want it to end fast. I wanna have my freedom back from my parents. Just so you know they are keeping it till PMR is over. Now I will be suffering at home or in school studyin. Hoping for 5 A's to come in my hands. HAHA!!! Of course not. 
Studying hard. Gotta try my best. Wanna get that Nokia 5800. My favourite phone. I love it. It has everything that every teenager wants. Touch screen, Wi-Fi, Xpress Music, and 3.2 megapixels. It might only be that much, but I can't be so picky, right? It is gonna be my target. No one is getting that phone except me, in my family, of course. HAHA!!!
This is as much as I can say about today's title. So ciao.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Random... Cannon in d - breakdancin...

This is so random. Anyways love the dance.
Real good. The way it has ben modified.
Haha. Enjoy.
Same song. Only this time he's single.

Monday, 24 August 2009

You Can Get it All.

You Can Get it All by
Lil Bow Wow ft. Johnta Austin

Monday, 17 August 2009

Oo...!!! Cool.

Pictures of You by DBSK.
Enjoy. Guess what??? I just found out that the lady selling animes around Petaling Street was selling her stuff unbelievably cheap. One darn anime from epispde 1-12 costs like 5 bucks or lesser. Can't believe it. Not just that, the lady happens to be a japanese. She is like the collector of anime and she distributes the anime's from place to place. 
Seldom people go there. Maybe people living around that corner there aren't fans of watching anime. I find watching anime cool. I have been influenced by my sisters especially the younger one. The eldest just couldn't be bothered. She's just a remote controller that controls my sis so that she doesn't go over the limit. 
Now that she's not here, she is having the greatest time of her life. Spending her money, that is. But she earns them. By letting all the rich brats dump their homework on her. But of course she gets paid. Her friends are just generous, I know my friends would never give me money just like that. 
The thing is that she isn't the slimest girl around. So she uses her weight on people who doesn't pay her and they are gonna get their sorry asses kicked by my sis. Go sister, you rock!!!
Wait did I just compliment what she does? But she can only hear that once in her life, so... :) She'd better not hope for more. Well, this is where I stop. Gonna have to switch off the computer. Until the next time, ciao.

Trials just ended.!!!

Finally all the trials are gone. Now I just need to wait for PMR to finish. Then I'll have my freedom and be able to go out of the house, free from all the shelling and scolding from my parents. That is... for the time being. 
So let's get started on what happened today. I woke up late, as usual, because my stupid sister couldn't get up on time. Drank Milo, took my daily meds then left for school. Managed to reach at only 7 something and went straight to the assembly.
Bad news: There were trials.
Good news: Today's trials were the last.
Bad news: PMR's coming.
Good news: I''ll be free after that.
Bad news: I haven't studied.
Good news: ... 
Oh shit. The good news ends there. I should've known the good could never beat the bad. Anyway, after I came back from school, my dad sent my sister and I straight to the office where my parents and aunt worked to get lunch. Had the usual "Fu Kin Man Sa Meen" (or is that how you spell it?) and went on an errand for my mom before finally coming back home.
Used the computer whilst my sister went to bathe and bathed after she did. Now that I feel fresh and nice, I'll start with doing something good. -_-  Study, study and study. But this is what life's for. This was yours truly, signing off. Ciao.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Random videos..!!!

Well che you can see this video in my blog or Lou's one.
Han kyung is in there, and Josean said that Han Kyung is kinda cute. 
So gay...
Lee Minwoo's dance. He and his signature move.
Typical Minwoo. Cool guy.
Song was Weekend by Janet Jackson. 
Che you should watch this. Haha.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Wao!!! What A Day...

To sum it all up, today was both nice and fun. It was a tiring day as well. Had a lot of homework from tuition and I gotta get started on it. 4 bloody sets of papers waiting for me on the table... Oh Lord, save me. Trials are coming and making my life more miserable than it already is. Haiz... If I don't pass this exam I'm gonna make my parents look down on me and feel devastated. To top it all off, I bet they're gonna start lecturing me about how "bad" my results are gonna be for PMR. Damn it, I'm starting to complain. This ain't gonna work. 
Gotta prove to my parents while they're not home. Gotta keep doing homework, keep practising, doing questions especially for my History and Geography. Phoo, this is gonna take a loonnnggg time. I just hope these sets of papers are gonna help me answer my PMR well. 
I can't get my hopes up too. Gotta work hard. This is for the people who are gonna be taking PMR and SPM. All the best people. Keep up the good work.
Same goes for me. This is about it. Damn, this is like the shortest blog post ever. Bye for now. Ciao.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

OH...!!! NO!!!

Oh no!!! Crap, I'm having tuition in a few more minutes and I'm not even close to being prepared, haven't even finished my homework. I'll just take a little peek at Vi Vien's best friend. Ah I know, I know but I have to blog about this. 
It happened all because my sister, Louisa, ate nasi lemak even when it was already 11 something. She shouldn't have eaten it. The situation started at 12.30 a.m. I happened to be beside her in case she needed anything or something happens. Touch wood, touch wood!!!
Well of course, she needed my mom so I went to get her. Mommy! Mommy! Wake up wake up Louisa puked. So as usual she jumped out of the bed and went to the toilet where the situation started. So it started to stink so I covered my nose. The stench was a bomb. The only thing I could do was by asking whether they needed anything. 
Well after that I got bored and if I continue I'm just gonna throw up as well. So I went back to sleep. After a few minutes she came in, she wanted to lie down after a minute she threw up on the floor. I got up and went to get my mom. 
Getting my mom resulted in me having to clean up after her. My aunt and mom helped as well whilst my sister sat on the floor, holding a bucket in case she threw up again. Ugh, disgusting. Anyway, after we cleaned up, my sister sat outside at the sofa in case she needed to puke again. Luckily, she didn't, but she stayed outside. I went to sleep. 
She came in later at about 3 something in the morning and felt better. Then, she slept. The End. So technically, her whole vomit situation halted at 2 something. Wee... :)

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Life Is A Highway
by Rascal Flatts

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Damn it... Intervension 3 is coming and so is PMR!!!

Damn it!!! My third Intervension test is coming and so is my PMR! 
I'm not even close to being prepared. Oh God... My only chance is "NEVER GIVE UP". Well gotta study hard. This is the most important year for me. Well, of course, SPM is more important but this is as important. If I get at least 5A's my dad is gonna get me a new phone, ipod, a basketball set  including a basketball, and bring me out shopping!
So my dad is actually giving a lot of chances to me. Basically it's easy to get it but I just gotta study real hard. Gotta focus on studies only till after PMR is done. Then it'll be... Woohoo!!! Free until PMR results come out. Ahh... I can see it already, on the day we collect the result slips, after my name is called out, I walk up to my special chair, get electrocuted whilst singing " She Bang, She Bang". 
Or else it's gonna be a devastating matter to my parents. A HUGE disappointment. It'll be chaotic.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Super Junior-It's you...

Love this video...
The dance is really fantastic...
Dong Hae has the style... Love his moves.
They even won an award for this video.
Go Super Junior...
Official Video of It's you 
by Super Junior

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Angels and Demons

Yeah, this movie happens to be about the infamous Illuminati. For you people that don't know what it is, of course. It's about the history of an ancient anti-Christian brotherhood, where they do not believe in God but in Science. Well just to let you all know I am a Christian and I'm just watching it to know what are they finding and searchin for. Must be real interesting. Damn it my sister has watched it. And she bought the book for my sister to read it. Cause she hasn't watched the movie. Real exciting. Completely unputdownable. Haha I know it's a little exaggerating, but it's the truth and it happened when my sis started reading it.
Urgh!!! Not fair, I couldn't watch Angels and Demons. How could this happen??? Supposed to watch a movie during this holiday and it was two bloody weeks. Could have chosen a day which I can go out. But no my parents didn't have the damn time. Haiz... 
Of all people my sis has already watched it. Looks like I have to wait until the dvd is out then I can set my eyes on it. Muahahaha... Well just hope it doesn't release it at the wrong time like nearing my PMR examination. Oh god, can't imagine how nervous I'll be on that day. While waiting, I can watch another movie but all those other dvd's is most probably interspersed between my shelfs. Most likely gonna get stuck to my sister, watching anime or studying for the preparation of ... Yeah you know what I mean - PMR!!!
Well, gonna stop blogging cause Lord knows what will happen to this poor keyboard, getting hammered down by me. Sounding like an old dying mad man trying to be specific on what he's saying. 

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Wah!!! Woke up late today....

Damn it. I woke up late cause yesterday because I slept at 2.30 a.m. How terrible. Next time I'll try staying up later this time. See what time I'll wake up. Haha... How terrible of me. But its a holiday so I should take this opportunity to wake up late. Hehe...
Woke up straight away. Mom made a hell lot of noise for using the computer so early, cause normally use it late. But just wanna check the webcam also wanna make hell lot of noise. Really  irritating. Ish... 
Anyways um... Gonna have to wake up early tomorrow so my mom will not have to nag me. I know. I'm mean. But hey, not everyone is nice nowadays, well not for you people reading my blogs but others like outsiders. My parents calling and I gtg and sleep its so darn early and they want me to sleep. Damn it....
Yeah anyways this is the end of today's blog posts. Unti tomorrow again I'll continue.
Bye bye.

Lyrics for Officially Yours...

[Intro] Oh yeah yes La da day, la da day La da da da da oh [Verse 1] Thinkin' how the story goes You're helpless and I'm wishin' Put the film inside my mind But there's a big scene that I'm missin' As I re-read my lines I think I said this, I should've said that Did you edit me out of your mind 'Cos in a flash you had disappeared, gone (gone) Before the curtain falls And we act this out again Maybe I should risk it all and state [Chorus] That I'm officially going on the record To say I'm in love with you I'm officially everything you hope that I would be This time I'll tell the truth I'm officially wrong I know For letting you go the way I did Unconditionally more than I ever was before I'm officially yours La da day, la da day La da da da da oh [Verse 2] Travellin' down this road again Gotta make a few decisions Don't want you to feel this hurt again That's why I'm hopin' that you'll listen If you let me press rewind I'll rehearse every word I should have said 'Cos girl I'm ready to make things right Here on this stage so we can move on (on) And before the curtain falls And we act this out again Missin' pieces I'll resolve so stay [Chorus] I'm officially going on the record To say I'm in love with you I'm officially everything you hope that I would be This time I'll tell the truth I'm officially wrong I know For letting you go the way I did Unconditionally more than I ever was before [Bridge] Things I should have said Like I appreciate the time that I spend with you Inspire me with the smile I put on your pretty face My world comes alive, now I know (now I know it babe) This time I'm not letting go 'Cos I'm officially yours (oh oh) [Chorus] Officially everything you hope that I would be This time I'll tell the truth I'm officially wrong I know For letting you go the way I did Unconditionally more than I ever was before I'm officially going on the record To say I'm in love with you I'm officially everything you hope that I would be This time I'll tell the truth I'm officially wrong I know For letting you go the way I did Unconditionally more than I ever was before [Outro] Girl I'm unconditionally yours (oh yeah) Officially yours, your man (La da day, la da day, la da day) Girl I'm unconditionally yours (La da da da da oh) Officially yours, I am Girl I'm unconditionally yours (listen what I'm tryna say) Officially yours, your man (oh oh) Girl I'm unconditionally yours Officially yours, I am

Craig David - Officially yours

Officially yours sung by Craig David